Wednesday, February 13, 2013

computer trouble

I'm having computer trouble.  I use a netbook laptop and it won't recognize the charger cord. The light on the box inline on the cord is coming on but the computer acts like the cord isn't even there.  It's almost out of battery life, so I've quit using it for now.  I did try a cord from someone else's identical computer, so it must be something about the port where it plugs in to the computer. Right now I'm still at the "wringing my hands" stage while I decide what to do.

Meanwhile my only 'computer' is a tablet, which is tedious to type on.  I may have to use a library computer to make posts for a while.

I just wanted to let you know that I have not lost interest in adding more information to this blog. I apologize for the delay in posting and commenting on your comments, and being so far behind answering your emails.


(February 18, 2013:  I've got the computer problem straightened out for now.  It seems to have been dust/dirt in the port where the cord plugs in.  Once it was blown out the cord worked and the computer battery started charging.  Such a simple thing, and I didn't think of it!  I'm still playing catch-up with comments and emails but I'm almost back on top of things.  Thanks for all the good wishes and suggestions.  I appreciate the emails.  Susan )


  1. Glad to hear its just technical difficulties, I have been wondering. Sorry you are having computer problems though.

  2. Sue, just enjoy the warm weather and sunshine!