Friday, March 25, 2016

Free book mix-ups

I've heard from many people who did not get an email of the blog posts for free books.... until the day after the book was free. 

I got on my computer first thing in the morning and made the posts, assuming that everyone would be notified later that morning, or at least by noon.

It turns out a lot of people didn't get the notice until the next day.  I am SO sorry about that.  They're auto-sent by BlogSpot, and the blogs I follow, such as my husbands, sent a notice within a few hours of him making a post. 

All I can say is that next time I'll put the notice up a day ahead of the free days, but you will have to look carefully at the date and make sure you go to amazon on the correct day of the free download promotion.

I will make sure these books run on free download again sometime soon so those who missed it can try again. 

Thank you.

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