Friday, January 4, 2013

My bad - Error in Bug-out Bucket book

    I know not everyone here has read my new book about Bug-out Buckets, Specialty Buckets, and Transition Buckets, and this post is not intended to sell the book. 

    A reader pointed out an error where I talked about the foil emergency blankets.  I had done a search on Amazon to get prices while I was writing the book.  In my haste I wrote that the most expensive emergency blanket I found was a Dynarex foil blanket for $89.  I was surprised when I saw that on Amazon but I've seen some amazingly high prices on things, so I figured they catered to the segment of the market that makes considerably more money than most of us!  But hey, even rich people can be preppers.  On some of the forums I've been too there are people with what I call "Million Dollar Preps".  So I shrugged and put the price in the book.

    I did not click on the product link for a closer look.  And that was... my bad.

    That price is for 120 blankets.  Let me say that again.  That price is for one hundred and twenty blankets!  Not for just one, as I stated in my book.

    I went in to the book file today and removed that and re-uploaded it to Amazon, but it doesn't do any good for the people who already have the book in either form, kindle or print.  I offer my apologies.  I hope I haven't caused anyone to think less of the Dynarex company for my error.  I have set a goal to buy an order of emergency blankets and donate them to our local food bank to be distributed with their monthly food boxes as soon as I am able to.

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