Friday, December 14, 2012

Amazon link

You might have noticed I added an Amazon link to the right, below the list of books.  I'm not going to clutter this blog with advertising, but if anyone wants to support this blog and the time I spend working on posts, answering mail, and researching questions, you can help by going through that link to place your Amazon orders.  That is, if you're placing an order for anything, anyway.  It won't add any cost to your order, but I'll earn a small 'advertising' payment from Amazon for each order you place.

Just type the name of any product into that little square Amazon box and it'll take you to the Amazon website.  From there you can shop as though you went straight to the site, but it'll credit me with the 'referral'. 

Like I said, it doesn't cost you anything and it doesn't add any fees or charges to your order.  It's simply a way to help me out a little bit.

Thank you!

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