Friday, November 9, 2012

My husband's book

I can't believe I never made a post about my husband's book!  It came out in september, from Paladin press!
This is a very indepth book about our off-grid, self-sufficient life here in NW Montana, plus it has lots of pictures! 
It's a little pricey but the price was set by the publisher.  If you're interested in the book but it's out of your budget, watch the publisher's site because they run sales from time to time.  The last sale was 40% off.  I can try to keep track and let you know on here if I find out about a sale.
Here's the link to the book, on the publisher's website:
My husband has been writing for magazines for years.  His articles have appeared in Backwoods Home Magazine, Fur Fish & Game, Backwoodsman, Back Home, Traditional Archer, and Primitive Archer, and the now-defunct magazines Primitive Way and Modern Survival magazines.
He maintains blogs about our daily life at:
and at Grit Magazine's website:

There's a lot of useful and interesting information to be gleaned there.

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