Monday, October 20, 2014

Preserving Vegetables, Grains, and Beans

Dave and I have finished and published our third book together.  The first two are "Preserving Meat, Dairy, and Eggs", and "Preserving Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds".  It took months of research, experimenting, and writing, and dozens of emails flying back and forth between Montana and Texas, but it was a fun project. 
Here's the blurb for the book from the Amazon website:

"There are a lot of books about food preserving but what sets this book (and the first two of this series, “Preserving Meat, Dairy, and Eggs” and “Preserving Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds” is that each food and all of the methods for preserving that particular food are described in their own chapters.
In Part I of this book it begins with vegetables and works it's way through each vegetable in alphabetical order. Then on to Grains and then Beans (legumes). All methods of preserving that work well with each food are explained along with directions for the preparation and processing of that food. There is also information about what doesn't work and why.
In Part II it explains the preservation methods and how to do them, and what you'll need for: Canning, Dehydrating, Freezing, Salting, Brining, Sugaring, Smoking, Pickling, and Fermenting, as well as some not-as-often heard-of methods: Ash, Oil, and Honey for food preservation.
Everything is something that the authors have personally done or tried, or in a few cases, spoke to someone who had. Both authors have been preserving food for about half a century, first as kids helping their parents, and then as adults (and parents) preserving food for their families. 
The authors live on opposite ends of the country (North and South) and bring some of their own regional flavor to the book, making it interesting as well as informative."
If you already own the first two this will round out your collection.  We hope it's a useful and helpful book.
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