Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm Okay

Sorry for taking so long to post an update.  I'm okay.  The troublesome teeth are gone and I'm recovering.  Still have to go in for some fillings and stuff.  In the meanwhile I've been doing a lot of reading and research, and I just don't understand why dental insurance isn't offered as something as important as general health insurance.  The health of our teeth is crucial to our entire body for many reasons.  Yet few people have dental coverage.  Medicare doesn't cover dental.  Most Medicaid doesn't cover it either, except some will do basic fillings and extractions, in some states, and sometimes only for children. 

Dentists can be expensive, but then they went to a lot of years of school and usually have HUGE student loans to pay back, and they have to carry insurance and pay the expenses of the clinic and equipment.  Do they sometimes live in nicer houses and driver nicer cars?  Yes.  But they went to all those years of school to be able to be a dentist and in my opinion that gives them the right to a better house and better car than I have.  My most-skilled job was a short stint as a sheriff's department dispatcher with on-the-job training.  My other jobs were things like grocery store cashier with a scattering of restaurants and such in my early years.  I don't expect or deserve the same as someone who went to college and med school. 

There are cheaper options for dental work.  Some places have free or sliding-scale county health departments that offer dental work.  Lincoln and Flathead counties in Montana do.  I don't know about your area.  The biggest problem with these can be the long wait for an appointment.  A few years ago it was four months in Lincoln county but I don't know what it is now.  You might not have that much time to wait.  Some dentists will work with you on payments, but you might have to shop around one that you can make that fit with. 

For some people it's a matter of priority.  I ended up without a choice and had to do this NOW, but I could have taken care of it sooner.  But it wasn't a priority.  No one likes having to spend their money on things like the dentist.  But if you don't, you might not be around at all to spend any money. 

I read that on average 67 people a year are admitted to the hospital from the emergency room for dental infections, and I read of at least two that died from them.  Some of these people spent a week on IV antibiotics to save their lives.  The more times you have an antibiotic, the more likely your body is to be resistant to that antibiotic the next time.  Eventually you could be at a big risk from ANY type of infection in the future if the doctor can't treat you with an antibiotic.  The more you can avoid the need for an antibiotic, the better. 

Some things can be treated with alternates to antibiotics such as an essential oil like Oregano (use with caution and read up about it before you try it!).  Some things with herbs.  But as preppers most of you know that when antibiotics aren't available we will face a lot of tragedies.  So please... do make sure your teeth are maintained in the best condition you can to give you the best edge possible if the SHTF.  Do the same with your body.  Treat it well.  Take care of it.  Maintain it when you need to. 

Thank you for all the letters of encouragement and support, and for sharing your stories.  Some of you have been through worse than me, and I was really touched by your stories.  (I think I've finally gotten them all answered).  The worst part with me was the infection coupled with blood pressure too high to make it safe for the dental work that would end the infection. 

I'm glad to still be with you all. 



  1. Susan, I check your posts every few months. All I can say is WOW! My grandparents and their children who lived through the 30s did not have good teeth. When my mother died when I was 6, we really struggled financially, but the one thing that was very important to the grandparents was good dental care. We had check ups every 6 months and whatever procedures done that were needed. Now that I am older and retired, I am not as good about regular dental care as I should be. This is a wakeup call.

    1. I'm glad you had grandparents who knew good dental care was important! Be sure to follow through with it now. Thank you for your comment.