Monday, May 21, 2012

Wilderness Survival Training for Beginners

(Thank you, Two Bears!)

Here is very simple survival training. I would never build a garbage bag shelter like the video. I would use an emergency blanket tied with dental floss or paracord at three trees then lean branches against the trees and emergency blanket and using dental floss tie them in place so they do not tear the blanket.

Emergency blankets are Mylar, and Mylar reflects the heat back.

If you have an L shaped shelter that blocks the wind, and you have a fire so that the heat is caught and reflected back you can survive in the coldest temperatures.

I remember some people was looking for a survivalist years ago. The searchers found him around 4 pm one afternoon but he had a shelter as described and he and they were so comfy there the searchers decided to stay the night instead of hiking back in 20 degree temperature.

I would like to know who gave that instructor his instructor credential.

That shelter in the video was tiny, and open on three sides and no fire.

I have one emergency blanket in my survival kit and three or four more in my bug out bag.

Use one to protect me on two sides. Another for the sla ting roof and I have a cozy nest.

An emergency blanket is almost 7 feet long, 4 1/2 feet wide, and weighs less than 1 ounce.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Nui aloha.

Two Bears

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